Healing Week

A Healing Week is a ministry process in which an individual is ministered to in each of four areas: Sins of the Fathers and the Resulting Curses, Ungodly Beliefs, Soul/Spirit Hurts and Demonic Oppression.

Healing life’s hurts, through repentance and forgiveness, has become of the utmost importance to us in our ministry at RiverGate Church. Having walked through this healing process ourselves, we know the value and freedom it has brought to lives and marriages, as well as to churches.

Whether we want to admit it or not, all of us have been hurt and wounded by life’s trials and circumstances. It has been our delight and joy to see thousands come into healing at RGC. For some, it has been a dramatic encounter with the Lord. For others, an extended process. So we are excited to see a dream coming true in providing a place where people can come away for a few days to pursue their healing in a quiet and safe setting.

These are unique and wonderful days with God’s love and grace being poured out upon His people. It you are hurting and need the Father’s heart to heal you, we invite you to come and experience the freedom and hope that is rightfully yours to enjoy. 

Please pick up and complete a ministry form in detail from the church receptionist desk Monday – Thursday or the Hospitality Center on Sundays. A Healing Week representative will contact you to discuss available times and dates or to help determine if we can best help you find another form of ministry that will better suit your issue(s).

Why? Everyone desires wholeness. We all want to be free of those things that lock us into the wounds of our past. We want the quality of life and our walk with the Lord to be improved. Healing life’s hurts and restoring broken relationships is an essential part of the ministry of RiverGate Church. Recognizing that the healing process is different for everyone, we have established a Healing Week to provide a unique opportunity for five sessions over five days of intensive prayer counseling within a safe and quiet environment.

Application: The application is in two parts. The first, or preliminary application, will ask you to give us in brief summary why you would like the ministry. Completing this part of the application does not mean you will be accepted. Once the preliminary application is received, we will assess whether a Healing Week format would benefit your healing process. If approved, we will be in touch with you concerning a date to attend. At the same time we will send you the second part of the application which will ask for more information about you and your family history. All information will be handled with the strictest of confidence.

Location: A Healing Week will take place within a quiet, safe setting located at or near RiverGate Church.

Meals: You are responsible for all your meals. A list of local restaurants will be provided upon request.

Accommodations: You are responsible to arrange for your own accommodations. A list of hotels in the area is available upon request. Couples are asked to arrive on Sunday evening to begin orientation and then begin receiving ministry the next morning. Evenings are free to rest and reflect on the day’s ministry and finish helpful related reading assignments.

Format: Each day will include a session of prayer ministry and counseling from a certified team assigned to you for the week. The ministry team members are trained and experienced and a Healing Week model. Couples will each receive individual ministry as well.

Cost: The cost is $2,400 for a couple and $1,200 for a single. These costs do not include accommodation or food. Prices are subject to change, so sign up soon.