No Longer Bound


Have you ever had your life turned upside down in the blink of an eye? As 1985 turned to 1986, the lives of Pastors Joel and Linda Budd turned into a nightmare. When everyone else was celebrating the New Year, the unthinkable happened… they learned that their precious four year-old daughter Joelle had been brutally raped.
But this was just the beginning of the trauma.
Pastors Joel and Linda take you with them as they stumble through “the dark night of the soul” and finally experience God’s tender and loving deliverance from the horrors of the past.
If you or anyone you know has been touched by violence, terror, or something unimaginable… healing and peace can be found! In the midst of life’s most horrifying circumstances- God is there to deliver you. This is the remarkable story the Budds tell in No Longer Bound: A Story of the Father’s Love.