Part 1: “Leviathan” | People are amazed when they see the amount of information and counsel in God’s word about this ruling level demon. Leviathan prefers to lurk under the surface but the Bible says that once we learn to recognize and discern this spirit we will be able to see his “tracks” and the path he takes very clearly (Job 41:30-32). Leviathan is a “king” in the demonic realm (41:43) and especially loves to affect his rule in unwitting believers, families, churches and businesses that have been dedicated to God. Humanly speaking, it is impossible for our flesh to defeat him (41:43). Good news: the Bible says we can understand how this demon operates & we can learn how to defend against this “king” ruling in our hearts!

Part 2: Stripping the Scales | One of the most difficult spirits to defeat is the spirit of Leviathan. The Bible says, “If you lay a hand on him, you will remember the struggle & never do it again” (Job 4:8). He is covered (protected) by many scales that have to come off first. Sincere believers who fail to deal with this spirit become unwitting instruments. This message deals with “seven truths before stripping the scales off a Leviathan Spirit.”

Part 3: The Fire Breathing Dragon” | The Bible says that Leviathan uses the mouth, especially the mouth of believers, to release the fire and hatred of hell against other believers, the lost, churches, family, businesses & cities. Here are the “Ten Facts about Demonically Anointed Speech from a Leviathan Spirit.” Good news: we can learn to ask for a different fire to cleanse our lips & remove us from Leviathan’s army.

Part 4: “Overcoming Leviathan” | This message is the most important in the series if you want to know how the Bible wants us to respond to & overcome Leviathan’s influence. The spotlight suddenly moves from Leviathan to a broken believer named Job. God coaches him and when Job obeys he gets back double what was stolen & destroyed. If you would like the anointing, character & wisdom to carry “double: you start “Overcoming Leviathan” in your own life. Here’s how!

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