So You Want to Date my Daughter


Help!!! I have no idea how to guide my kids through today’s world of dating and relationships.”
This is your desperate cry if you are a Christian parent today. In a society where movies and television shows present sexual promiscuity as normal and divorce as part of most people’s lives, how can you and your children possibly bat the odds? In fact, you probably don’t know anyone who has.
Now you do! Joel and Linda Budd have beat the odds, and they want to tell you what they have learned so you and your children can too.
In this practical book, you will discover a proven guide for dating and being engaged. You can help your child reach their goals for successful and fun dating relationships, a great marriage, and a wonderful, life with their spouse.
The teenage, dating years don’t’ have to be a nightmare! In fact, they can be some of the most exciting, wonderful times with your children

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