Apostolic Authority


Disc 1 – “Apostolic Rank” | What does it mean to be Apostolic? Can we all be Apostolic? Is there a specific time when we receive and operate in the Apostolic? How is your life affected by Apostolic ministry? These questions and more will be answered in this message.

Disc 2 – “Apostolic Rank” | There is a rank in the Apostolic. Paul talked about it in II Corinthians 10. We are not to go beyond our measure or our sphere. Our rank can increase if we desire but we must learn to pay the price for it to do so.

Disc 3 – “Apostolic Pioneers “ or “Pioneers in the Church”) | There must always be those who are pioneers. If we don’t have Apostolic anointing at the core, the church will become stagnant. How do we capture this pioneering spirit and keep it? Why do some get it only to lose it? There are several truths that need to be known about pioneers in the church.

Disc 4 – “Apostolic Warfare” | When an Apostle goes into a region he/she has the power and the authority to pull down certain strongholds that cannot be pulled down without apostolic anointing. How do we deal with these strongholds in a region as one who desires to walk in Apostolic anointing? What are these strongholds made of?

Disc 5 – “Apostolic Risk Taking” | There are those who live on the edge of risk with the Spirit of God. They are consistently hearing the Lord and consistently obeying. They are the ones who do outlandish things.

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