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Connect with Passion: Connect with Jesus, Connect with the Lost, Connect with One Another


RiverGate provides a number of ministry opportunities in which you can connect, serve, and grow. Are you looking for an opportunity to use your gifts and passions, or simply wanting to make new friends to do life with? Come check out our various ministry opportunities shown on the right.

If you desire personal ministry, we have that available too. Jesus said that He came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. We believe that incorporates healing in our spirit, soul, and body. God came to redeem us, save us, and heal us of all our infirmities. If you need a healing touch, come for prayer. We will pray with you. Expect God to move.

Life happens to all of us. Life frequently deals out its share of disappointment, hurt, and pain to each of us. We also can become embroiled in sinful pursuits. As humans, we are all broken and in need of a savior to pick up the shattered pieces of our lives. Here at RiverGate, we highly support deliverance. There are several deliverance methods for you to choose from. Come let Him restore your life and make something beautiful from the broken and discarded pieces of your life.

For those with a prophetic bent, we offer prophetic ministry and dream interpretation. If you need a word of encouragement, stop in for ministry. There is a sign-up sheet for dream interpretation found in the ministry kiosk in the main lobby. Prophetic ministry is normally available after the conclusion of our 10:30 AM service.

We welcome you to make known your ministry desires or needs. We will do what we can to accommodate you. Our prayer is that you will be blessed in every area of your life so you can live life to the fullest, as Christ intended.

Come find what you’re looking for… It will change your life.

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