Issue Focus Ministry

Personal Ministries

We all have hurts. Traumatic things have happened. We all make bad decisions that seem to haunt us or even worse at times, completely derail us. Eventually we get so tired of going around in circles just wishing that one area of your life could change. Issue Focus is where you come and meet with a trained and vetted member of our congregation that has been through personal inner healing themselves and have studied and apprenticed to become an Issue Focus minister. Issue Focus ministry is unique apart from Sozo and other ministries in that it incorporates the same format that is used in a Healing Week (by Restoring the Foundations), but in a three-hour format that focuses on one single issue. So many of our community use this ministry to get closer to the Lord by removing obstacles in their heart and life as well as live the life God wants them to live. Come find freedom like so many have

We are so happy and honored to make these opportunities available to you. In order that we can continue to serve you in this way, we offer Sozo and Issue Focus sessions for any donation amount in order to cover necessary costs. We do not wish to suggest any kind of amount but to help you decide, we offer the example of average counseling costs in the Tulsa area averaging between $50 and $100. Once again, we offer these services for any donation amount.

Make an appointment or sign up and lets see what God wants to do!!!

To schedule an appointment you can call the RiverGate Church office (918) 492-5511.