Senior Pastors: Joel and Linda Budd

Senior Pastors Joel and Linda Budd have an assurance that God is sending revival to America. Together they co-pastor the church called RiverGate Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In 1983, Joel and Linda came to Tulsa to lead a young church of 40 people who were meeting in a movie theater. Under their leadership, the congregation has developed from an average of forty to over 400 during weekend services.

On the Sunday just before Thanksgiving, 1994, Pastors Joel and Linda experienced an “invasion” of the Holy Spirit. On that particular Sunday, God’s glory and power suddenly came into their ministry and their church services changing them, their church and their ministry forever. People were literally swept off their feet and onto the floor. Signs, wonders, visions, weeping, laughter, shaking, Holy conviction over sin and groaning of intercession all broke out that Sunday morning. It began in the first service, spilled over into the second service without break and continued on through the evening service until around midnight. RiverGate has been receiving a steady outpouring of the Holy Spirit in signs, wonders, deep intercession, miracles and healings since that time.

Most recently this Holy Spirit Renewal has taken on a heart for the lost, the poor, the demonized, the broken and the down trodden. Numerous outreaches are being led by the people.

Because of what has been happening in their pastorate, Joel and Linda have a growing ministry to other pastors, churches, Bible schools and conferences that are hungry for a renewal of the Holy Spirit preparing people for the revival that God is undoubtedly beginning to send to America. They have a desire to impart to other pastors, leaders and individuals what has been given to them.